Student reviews of Tom Cassidy's Udemy Courses.

by Michael Cavitt, 2 days ago

Change in two places at once

Tom, tells us the quantum mechanics indicate a particle can be in two places at once. Now, I'm taking his great mashup of Ben Franklin, quantum mechanics and etc. trying to create change in two places at once.

Hmmm. In any case, I got a lot out of the course. I am sharing the concepts and courses with others regularly.

by Philip Archer, 7 days ago

Finally a course that works!

Thank you Tom for making this life-changing course available. I’ve looked at several courses over the years but never felt compelled to try one until now. My entire family took it and is busy creating our wheels so we can get started. Thank you again!

by Marlene Conlin, 9 days ago


I will definitely be putting this to practice. I'm sure it will work hopefully it helps to stop smoking too.

by Code Breaker, 5 days ago

Top Class

I m in the middle of the course but just to shout out that its so so amazing... The concept and motivation is excellent. Thanks for making and publishing this course.highly recommended

by Ale Alfaro, 14 days ago


Different, practical and clear approach on how to get things in your life!

by Michael Kwolek, 14 months ago

Great concepts, lots of repetition

There's a lot of great stuff here - I particularly like the inclusion of elements of quantum mechanics and the notion of "scripts" that tend to dictate our lives. There's a lot of repetition between the videos, texts, audio and chalkboard, so be aware of that. I would like to have seen a bit more about results - where should this lead, tracking progress, etc. - maybe by hearing about some of the things Tom has accomplished via this method

by Dinesh Valmiki, 15 months ago

Amazing mastery habbits

Trino Nuno

Tom, Thank you for providing this easy to follow course. It's very well laid out and easy to follow. Have a wonderful day!

Romana Hafeez

The 13 x 4 tool is a practical and simple tool that is applicable to anyone who wants to master a number of things (in this case 13) in a manageable way by focusing on each area for a week. Tom Cassidy and Angela Loeb explain this in a very clear and natural way that keeps you interested and amused! I liked the way Tom uses real life examples of how he has applied this to his own life, in his personal and professional life. This brings the tool alive and allows you to customise this to your own situation. The videos help to clarify the tool in a step by step approach and I liked the fact that this 13x4 tool is very practical in today’s busy lifestyle as it is based on simple tools like asking yourself two key questions each time you are focusing on something: ‘What would you choose’ and ‘What are you putting in?’ I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the videos and I would highly recommend this to everyone as we all have so many things we want to focus on. This will help you do just that but in a simple and manageable way. I can’t wait to use this myself. Thank you Tom for sharing such amazing mind mastery to us. Romana

Elina Koka

Cause even though I just started, it has already completely changed the some parts of my life that I am working on. Thank you

M Johnson

Very easy to understand and apply to many aspects of life.

Daniel Demmel

Really love how Tom is just pointing out some things about the way our brain works that are obvious if you think about it, but is great to realise and be able to take control. The course is not very long, but gives a lot of value so no reason not to take it :)

Brian Kivuti

As for the words I used above, I like the fact that it is easy to understand yet maintains great depth. If you are someone who is suffering from depression or anxiety - whatever it may be, you will likely find this incredibly helpful. If you feel you're fine, you'll still find this interesting and hopefully worth-while. Better yet, not only for you, but for others you may know. All in all, I find the message here, unique, and heavily related to the messages to many of the figures I admire. There is much that can be said, but it is for you to experience and come up with a conclusion. I'm sure it will be worth your while. Honestly, I found this message to be a fantastic and important gift. I'm glad it's here free.

Rand D'Orazio

This course gives the reality of the perspectives of accessing genius that would otherwise not be given by anyone else, and it's easy to understand and means living live by giving a sense of equality not just to yourself only, but those around you as well!

Thaj Anaz

I'm going through this course and you know what? it's helping me A LOT :)

Harpreet Singh

The concept 13x4 is very simple. I will review my goals and fit them in this format. Tom is a great speaker and I loved listening to the whole course and look forward to taking more from him.

Brian Bannister

A very well presented method for improving your situation, self and finances or business. It gives a methodology that can be used by anyone to improve their situation now with minimal effort. It shows/proves that you are not the sum of your past, but the limitless possibilities of your future.

Jacqueline Wilson

Except for not being able to open one lecture, I enjoyed this very much. I found it right when I needed it! Thank you for doing this!

Cathy Collinson Jeannotte

Short enough to work through in one sitting but enough material to revisit and learn something new. Simple, new ideas that can be implemented right now. Plenty of “a – ha!” moments for me. 4x13 - allows you to focus in one area at once, preventing burnout and overwhelm. No will-power required. No guilt – you can’t go wrong. Bonus – it’s easy and you can start immediately. Good for someone who has difficulty choosing/prioritising goals - it will quickly become evident – being reluctant to change focus in one area or enthusiasm for repeating an area – where your priorities lay. A passionate teacher who packs in a LOT of information and some interesting personal background to emphasise his points. Got the impression at times that his thought processes overtook his speech pattern() but I enjoyed his candid and humorous teaching style & I am looking forward to taking some more of his courses. This was a free course but one I would not have been disappointed with had I paid for it.

Richard M Dauben

And the truth shall set you free, well Richard Wilkins has unlocked the truth that there is no "Secret" to "Who Am I?" Moving from "ME TO WE" is the key. All great teachers-students-avatars have all presented us with love as a giving, a serving, a way of expressing that we are all ONE! Richard is giving so that we can understand that all of us are allowing the Universe to manifest Itself.


This course provides students with very useful tips and tricks to solve GCSE Maths in an efficient manner. In addition, it shows solution of several exam questions with clear instructions. Although the course is brief but it's comprehensive. It would have been very useful if course included assignments for further practice along with possible answers.

Tom Evans

Simple, powerful and so easy to put into practice. Thanks for sharing Tom and Angela. Can't believe this course is free !!

Sofie De Genius

I have joined Udemy at the beginning of this January and this is the first course I have ever taken AND completed here. For those who are new to the world of mathematics this course includes a solid introductory section, and for those who have an attention span of a toddler the lectures are kept very short – even the longest one is about 13-minute long. I used to find maths boring, but I think I actually like maths now. Highly recommended. Thank you Mr Cassidy for providing these superb lectures for free!



Romana Hafeez

I am currently following the lectures in this course and although I am only on lecture 10, I am having so much fun. Prior to this, I had been busy in deep thinking and writing down my personal goals and having gone through some of these lectures I have managed to clarify one of my goals which I was having difficulty defining. The concept of the sausage machine, a tool that I am very familiar with is so useful and its something I apply (or not apply!) when I remember this tool on a moment to moment basis. Yesterday I was feeling frustrated and fed up and had I applied the sausage machine I would not have had those feelings. Anyway I would definitely recommend this course to everyone who is feeling stuck in their lives, be it financial, unsure about what career to do or someone wanting a better relationship, as I am feeling very confident about achieving my personal goals (of which there are many!). Thank you Tom for sharing these practical tools that we (the average person) can apply on a daily basis.

Laura Thomas

Okay, this is free? So at least half a million people should get through the meat of it! Angela and Tom have taken some tougher concepts like Reticular Activating System (RAS) and Quantum Mechanics and made them practical in setting up and using a 13 x 4 system to cover areas of life on a regular basis such as being proactive, having more energy, and giving more than you take (just to name a few examples). the trick is that you focus on one of the areas each week (13 areas) and then cycle back through them. The idea is based on Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues (even Gretchen Rubin loves the 13 virtues) with a few twists to make the ideas more practical. One of the best tools in this audio/video series is Angela's fully set up 13 weeks and how she did them to take advantage of the areas she wanted to focus on and how it all worked. I found that most valuable so I could design this to fit me and MY life. For the geeks out there, Tom's QM and Angela's RAS will satisfy, for the non-geeks, just skim that stuff and get to the middle part of the series and then take some notes and download the written stuff - in practice, this will make sense as you work through it over an initial 13-week period. Love it, in other words!

Laura Thomas

I hate to wax too poetic, but no matter who you are, you probably have some beliefs about money and "getting rich". These belief will either hold you back or propel you forward. If you even think you're held back by some of your beliefs about money, wealth and prosperity (and who is wealthy, whether wealth is even a worthy goal), you NEED to pay attention to this course. I'd say that Angela and Tom have done a tremendous service in bringing a fairly obscure work to a modern audience. I've now gone back and re-read Wattles' classic (as well as several other of his works) and appreciate the original book more (plus understand it better due to Angela and Tom's work with it), and feel I can utilize the ideas in my own life. Just reading the book by itself would have been much more difficult. The use of the chalkboard lectures and just having Angela and Tom talk about the ideas and their applications is priceless. Plus, as a bonus, they utilize the 13x4 methodology to applying the book to your life. All in all, a mind-blowing experience. Good job!

Mirko Cukich

Its a great program that makes you think and see what it is that is really holding you back. No the question is what are you going to do about it after you've completed the course.

Mirko Cukich

I really enjoyed this class. It had me thinking alot during and also after it on the various lessons i learned from it. Esp. the ones that were holding me back all along from being more successful in different parts of my life. The concepts are very simple but don't let that fool you because if you actually listen and do it. You won't be surprised by the success you will bring into your life.


What a fabulous course! I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it incredibly accessible and easy-to-understand for what could be an extremely complex subject. I loved that it followed a simple, well-thought out process and delivered such practical tools that can actually be implemented. Tom has also been great at answering questions and providing additional information. I highly recommend this course.

Neil Millard

Having read the book last year, I wasn't sure what to do. Tom and Angela go through the book, one chapter at a time and bring out discussion points to ease understanding. With each chapter is also a study sheet to further help understanding and provide guidance with actions that you can take. Brilliant

Romana Hafeez

I've just completed the course and enjoyed listening to both Tom and Richard's guidance on accessing your genius. What I've learnt is that genius is something you access not something you become and that you do this by going from the 'me' to the 'we. And this means when you start wanting and having the right intention to help others or serve others is when you receive the greatest source of ideas or access to genius. Thank you Richard and Tom for sharing your words of wisdom and practical 'how to' guidance.

Ruth N.

Really enjoyed listening to this - got some useful information that is definitely making me think.

Luis Carvalho

I am very pleased to hear these good practices, principles and advice. Great Training!

Antonia S. Mondejar Palazon

Thank you for this course, it's very useful to help you reach your goals, and I think it's just brilliant!!! Antonia

Karen Braswell English

Very enlightening course. Law of Attraction simplified. I plan to use this to work on some self esteem issues. Thank you for sharing.

Rick Montgomery

I LOVE this course. I tend to be very analytical and am usually more obsessed with gaining information rather than applying the info I gather. When courses or books have "Action Steps" I typically type them up with good intentions of going back and doing them, but then another book or course catches my interest and the actions steps go into the pile of things I'll get to "one day." :) With this course, I did each step. So instead of just plowing through the information, I took my time and made sure I completed the activity before I moved to the next step. Even though it's taken me way longer than normal to get through this course, I've gained SO much from it. Applying this information is mind-blowing. I spent a great deal of time developing my Mind Movie vision of my goals. Once I did that, things have come out of nowhere that are exactly what I need to help me get closer to my goals. Things that defy any inkling of merely coincidence. I cannot recommend this course any more highly. I have found few things that are life changing, but this is one of those courses. Thanks so much for putting the information, summaries, teachings, and homework together! It is just plain awesome! :)

John S

Do not let the title dissuade you from this course. Even though the premise is about "getting rich" there is much more to it. First, the presenters offer one a preview of how the mind works, our development of "scripts" (good or bad) and then the launch into the book by Wallace D. Wattles. The course offers a good mix of chapters from the book and then chalkboard explanations of what Wattles is communicating (if one only reads the book -- it will likely seem superficial). The logic and presentation apply to all aspects of life -- abundance with purpose. The details discussed can be applied to "making money" or attitude toward virtually any aspect of life. The presenters offer perspectives from a quantum physicist and career recruiter -- a nice mix of different viewpoints. I rate this course a 5 stars -- great quality and money well spent.

Sam Brown

If the title of this course peaks your interest like it did mine - get ready to be blown away. The basis of this course is a book written over 100 years ago, yet couldn't be more relevant today in your day to day. I’m excited that Tom and Angela produced this course giving this book the spotlight it deserves; especially now when so many people searching for a better life in a world that tells them the best is behind us. This course will shake up and challenge your existing notions of how the world ‘is’ and reveal a wonderful perspective that will have an immediate impact on your life from day one. Have you ever notice that no matter how many goals you achieve you always seem to want more? A better job, better relationships, better health, a better car – whatever it may be it seems we can never be satisfied. Do you know why? This course will answer that question and many other timeless questions too. Self-discovery is the most important journey you’ll ever take – so make sure you find good guides! Tom and Angela do a great job of breaking down this book in a conversational way that really helps shine light on some of the more esoteric aspects. Their personal stories and insights bring a modern perspective on this century-old masterpiece. I wish everyone could get as much inspiration and insight from this course as I did. If you are even a little curious about the Science behind creating wealth (or anything for that matter) you will love this course. I've recommended this course to my friends and would offer you the same advice.

Alejandra Alfaro-Archer

Different, practical and clear approach on how to get things in your life!

Marlene Conlin

I will definitely be putting this to practice. I'm sure it will work hopefully it helps to stop smoking too.

Robin W

Very well put together and given at a manageable speed. Please could we have a similar one on trigonometry/functions and calculus. Thanks, its heart-warming to see some teachers are willing to help people upgrade their arithmetic skills when broke.

Nikki Dobbs

Once I started listening and reading the course material, I couldn't stop until I finished. This course makes you think about yourself, and how you live. The authors state getting rich principle is based on science, I happen to believe it's biblical as well; that knowledge alone helped to keep me focused. I've made my mindmovie, printed out the 13x4 handbook, and will follow the guide. Thank you!

Philip Archer

Thank you Tom for making this life-changing course available. I’ve looked at several courses over the years but never felt compelled to try one until now. My entire family took it and is busy creating our wheels so we can get started. Thank you again!

Muhammad Rizwan Afzal

I m in the middle of the course but just to shout out that its so so amzing... The concept and motivation is excellent. Thanks for making and publishing this course.highly recommended

Michael Cavitt

Tom, tells us the quantum mechanics indicate a particle can be in two places at once. Now, I'm taking his great mashup of Ben Franklin, quantum mechanics and etc. trying to create change in two places at once. Hmmm. In any case, I got a lot out of the course. I am sharing the concepts and courses with others regularly.

Darren Bishop

I appreciate that Tom has taken the time to provide all of this at no cost. From someone who is looking to make major changes in my life but does not have much money at my disposal, I am really thankful that Tom has provided this course. The info in here was what I needed to motivate me to move from my 'norm' towards better things in my life. Thank you!

Jhunny Rabatan

Great insights!

Amir Fetouh

This is one big wakeup call for me. Life would be alot better if anyone knows these things.

The speaker is extremely engaging and the content is logical and powerful. Excellent system for taking control of your behavior and accessing genius.

Kevin Ferguson

I have to say that this is a VERY GRE8TLY needed course but should be required if everyone could only realize just how much more they could succeed in their life goals without such great presser when ONLY needing to do one thing at a time. It has given me more motivation and much much more belief in myself being able to succeed just knowing the fact of what an even greater success I can be in my personal life and not just business when I just only applying the 13x4 principles to each and every aspect of my life. I Just love this course and HIGHLY recommend it for everyone that really wants to be successful in anything. I have become a really great believer in this course and what Tom and Angela has bough to our attentions with great love, honesty and passion with this course. Bless you both Tom Cassidy and Angela Loeb! :-) Kevin


I like this course.

Ronald Collins

We define matter as anything that has mass and takes up space. If this is the case then in the "walls of our imagination"; there is an "elephant in the room". That elephant is our thoughts; though not made of atoms that have an atomic weight found by examining a periodic table. This proverbial elephant can exert tons of pressure in our lives. A weight of that magnitude deserves to be quantified. One way to achieve this is by “funneling” your thoughts through the cognitive algorithms provided by Source Language Cartography and weighing them on a scale calibrated for cognitive dissonance with personalized cognitive alignment tools. From that point on You control the tons of weight, both potential and kinetic that are really “What’s the Matter”? .

Wan Muhammad Zulfikri Bin Wan Yusoff

I had always been someone who tries to do so much at a time. At first, I thought the 13x4 methods were complex but it is actually simple. I recommend everyone to try this course because the 13x4 methods and the other tools Tom shares were amazing. And please suspend your judgement if you were to read the review saying that this course is a subtle promotion for Tom's service or paid courses. This free course should not be free but it is free anyway and you would not probably other course to complement it unless you really love Tom's methods of improving your life

Geoff Skeats

What a wonderful course. Using the 13x4 system is already working and I am only just starting.

Geoff Skeats

Passionate, informative and real!

Geoff Skeats

I have been into positive thinking, NLP blah blah blah for decades and finally had that 'POP in my head' moment!! Another excellent Udemy course.

Masahiro Mineyama

This course is worth priceless! many thanks!

Abhilash Rawat

its really great....:)

Robert Sims

Fantastic info! I have only listened to a few lessons and had to stop and share what inspiring information. Great job!

Andy Fulham Arnott Coyw

The course made any difficult math task possible to do by simplifying it

Ian Hall

very informative with it fully applicable to my life

Cory Boatwright

Do yourself a favor and take this course! The information Tom Cassidy offers is simple and effective. The key is you can implement it within hours with little effort. Unlike most personal success approaches, Tom's system allows people the flexibility to create a system that works best for them and not feel bad if you don't have super-human self control. Check it out now!

David Angus

Really well explained course for everyone who needs to revise this subject.

Ingrid Welch

Great tools and information to radiically put you in the zone and get ahead

Amandine Grob

I came to that course because of another of Tom Cassidy's , and it is a must see for anyone interested in refocusing or changing their life for the better!

Rahab Meßmer

Finally something that spoke to the inner me. It's all in the mind! Thank you so much !

Timothy Gray

Just finished this program and I have to say that I feel very privileged to get a chance to learn these tools. The 13X4 is an brilliant idea to help you master anything you desire. My mind is now on hyper drive with the realization that if I just do this program I can get anything and do anything I want. Thanks so much for an well put together program.

Christon J. Crabtree

Tom Cassidy and Angela Loeb made the course fun and lively and very educational and stimulating as well. My wheel is in motion and I'll return to the downloads and the lecture as needed and as I choose, to learn even more from Tom's great answers and input on the great questions from other students that have taken the course Everyday Mind Mastery !!!

Tamara Williams

The examples of celebrities and famous persons such as Micahel Jackson and Elvis Presley that he used to compare their career vs their personal life does make a strong point. What they have are specific talents that are genius. Interesting concept about using Broadband Consciousness to connect to Genius. He encourages persons to focus on giving great service to others based on your Passion which will get you access to Genius. I really like his video presentation of recharge day. It was very fun. He made an interesting point about Personal Development courses and the pressure to be happy all the time. Very great lecture videos and it did increase my awareness.

Tamara Williams

The quantum mechanics topics were really tough to grasp but the system itself makes a great deal of sense. I enjoy the chalkboard sessions and various examples used throughput the course. I especially agree that a simple system that handles unexpected situations works well instead of a every day 30 day challenge. Like the explanation of minimal willpower and can see that it is more effective in the long run and also less stressful. The recession proof section had some great introductions and I liked the accompanying audio that went into further details. Thanks for the downloadable material especially the 13x4 example and workbook Enjoyed the Recession Proof audio and booklet. Excellent career principles that can be applied to the 13x4 system especially marketing plan and 3D CV. Plan to revisit that section. Nice reading Angela's experience as seeing real life examples clarifies the system even further. Excellent course. Would recommend it to all!

Simona Gallina

I really liked this course because it gives immediate, scalable and customizable tools to improve your life; many thanks to Tom and Angela! I'm trying .-)

Mauritz du Toit

Great course with great, practical advice. Very well presented with lots of support material. Thank you for sharing this work Tom - I am off to study your SOGR program now.

D hernand

Sure, this book now belongs to the public domain and you can easily read it in an afternoon. But this is one of those books that requires consuming it in smaller chunks to truly change your perspective about wealth and abundance. I love being able to re-tackle each chapter with the 134 and there is always something in the chalkboard discussions that the coaches mention that re-remind of the principles that Wallace Wattles taught.

Ruth Howard

I've sought this information all of my life. Richard has connected me up, to myself, to Source, to sense making and to others. Thank you to Tom for presenting the information so accessibly too.

Ahmad Zakir Jaafar

I just hope this course remain here for long time to come. What a gem.


I would like to preface this endorsement with the fact that I have been in the search like many of us that are here now for that program, or teachers, or that teaching that will ignite myself to the next level of my life. I have purchased numerous programs, attended several workshops, speeches, self help, motivational groups. I have literally walked on fire and broker glass at some of these events. All resulting in a temporary solution never really addressing the core. I had felt incredible and the result was short lived. I have also found many of these programs, coaches, etc. give you glimpses of hope only to have you buy into more programs. Each program getting more and more expensive and each one justifying their prices and continual purchase of their programs. If you want to be in an elite group or mastermind, it becomes not only un-affordable to people like myself of limited income resources searching for a better way of life but it also becomes discouraging. Why should one pay X amount of dollars and keep paying if they dont have the money or are broke? Why should one have to charge these amounts on their credit cards and accumulate more debt to advance their life? I have bought into those for a long time, only to have to pay more and more, getting phone calls and emails from coaches who want to coach me and ask for more money. I was losing hope and becoming discouraged. I an sure a lot of us have been there. Then I found this program, there was a promotion on Udemy, I never heard of it and decided to check it out. I just happened to find this course interesting and signed up for it. I signed for other courses but have not started them. This course got me thinking from the beginning; Both Tom and Angela do a fantastic job in the delivery of this program. Both bringing a sense of humanness to a very interesting topic. The Science of Getting Rich. Tom and Angela complement each other very well and really break this deep topic into a language that we can all understand and pick up. In addition, Tom has created groups on GooglePlus and Whatsapp chat forums that have completely turned my life around. These communities are all free open source to all. We all become our own coaches of awesomeness and coach each other as well. It has become a community of awesomeness. I can speak of Tom and his involvement in creating these groups on Whatsapp, he is a guy that cares. That brings megavalue to us all. He could have charged thousands of dollars for his masterminds of awesomeness, but he chose to keep it open source. These masterminds in my eyes are the best masterminds in the world. We are the ones that make it awesome. We are having breakthroughs of awesomeness and feeding on each other. Plus these masterminds dont cost anything to join. The only requirement is a desire to be awesome. We support each other, create with other. Everyone gets involved there are those that share a lot and there are those that never share, we all collectively benefit and share energy. He is also reachable to us all on a pay as you choose basis, which is mind boggling. No one else does this. Anybody no matter how much money they have can reach Tom. He is a pioneer in Awesomeness. I have become the inspiration in my life that I have been looking externally for. This program and Tom's communities have taught me the most valuable lesson in the whole world that has completely changed my life for ever. It is so simple to me. SELF HELP IS AN INSIDE JOB. SELF HELP=SELF HELP. It is not in the programs, walking on fire,.glass, etc it is inside all of us I have become my own greatest life coach in the world to myself. I have changed and am feeling so much more whole and complete than I ever have. No I am not a paid employee or being bribed, neither do I have any formal association with Tom nor Andrea. I am not a personal close friend of Tom's nor am I a family member. I am not receiving any monetary gifts whatsoever for making this endorsement. I have only known Tom from my enrollment in this program and in his mastermind groups of Awesomemness. I have come to learn that one does not run into too many people like Tom in a lifetime. He is genuine, real, and is doing something that is so awesome and that I have not seen being done before. Offering Coaching on a pay as you choose basis. This is brave and awesome. I highly encourage any and all searchers to stop searching and participate in the Awesomeness mastermind and Reasonable groups that Tom has created for us. Please dont take my word for it. Do it yourself. My name is Mark Berger, Agent Awesomez and I approve Advanced Mind Mastery-The Science of Getting Rich. I will see you all on the other side. Look forward to seeing and meeting you. It is simply Awesome here in the mastermind group, the best mastermind group on the planet.

Richard Hunt

Hi i'm Richard Hunt and it's a real pleasure to recommend Tom Cassidy's & Angela Loeb's Udemy course "Advanced Mind Mastery - The Science of Getting Rich"​ to you. I have accumulated a huge library of self-development resources over the years but i've not come across an online self development course as well designed, well put together, easy to follow, powerful and effective course as Tom and Angela's Advanced Mind Mastery course. Tom's "Reasonable Wealth" G+ online learning community, and Whatsapp groups linked to this course make the learning experience a truly AWESOME personal growth experience ! I've made new friends, and we are all learning to apply the course principles everyday, and supporting each other everyday, and growing everyday ! I am sooo grateful to Tom, Angela and all the students in the Reasonable Communities. They including me ie "we" are an amazing community ! So if you're tired of information information information information and want real personal transformation you've come to the right place. Mark Berger gave a message on one of the Whatsapp group's recently that was so profound ....."just sharing this... keeping it real". We are all on a wonderful journey, we are all being real with each other, supporting each other, and all really changing for the better by applying the principles of Tom and Angela's Advanced Mind Mastery Course. ! i'd give it 10 out 10 any day ! But don't take my word for it.......get the course, do the home work, be a part of the G+ community and whatsapp group and find out for yourself ! Have an awesome day !

Julia Dye

Terrific course with immediate practical stuff for implementation, presented very well. I'm already using the principals I've learned and seeing results. Highly recommended.

Janis Musgrove

Short presentation on being real - leads you to a different approach to thinking and self acceptance. Touches on the 'Me' and 'We' aspects of success.

Jonas Warstad

Richard is flamboyant and has an accent that is not always easy to understand 100% if you're not from GB, but his message is deep and powerful if you're reday to heed it. I have personally experienced the "B.C" long before I heard the expression, so it was easy for me to understand what he was talking about, also from an emotional, not only intellectual, point of view.

Katya Seberson

I always loved your work and now I am even more familiar with your ideas. I found that rewarding the effort is an important distinction that I wasn't aware of. I also like the story about Growth Mindset and Fixed mindset. High Energy that attracts attention and interest of students. Road-map of the class and focus on What are you going to teach and not the fancy charts and graphs. Thanks You for the course. I know it sounds more like a letter to Tom , then a review. Just take the time to listen to it! Strongly recommend.

Ruth Howard

Tom and Angela have outlined here an underlying structure through simple thought algorithms whereby I can return to that quiet place inside of myself and locate an all knowing intuitive guidance that enables me once again to vision and activate my vision. I call my new power/skill/capacity Heart Sat Navigation. Thank you so much, it is exhilarating and I truly appreciate all heart and mind coherence! From completing this course I have gone on to join the Reasonable Wealth Community that makes up the Advanced Mind Mastery Course where we are involved in a 13 year scientific investigation. I highly recommend any course Tom and Angela instruct.

Vince D

Help me a lot

Daniel Ferguson

recommend taken the time to check out this free course

Dot Bekker

This was a good refresher for me of some of the principles I have already learnt. I would highly recommend it, if for nothing more than the section on the sausage machine, I've used that analogy for marketing but works perfectly clearly here too. Good course the 13x4 is a bit lengthy but probably more valid for someone who is new to this material. Well done, recommend it.

Antonia Diaz

I loved this course. Extremely helpful and great tools and approaches to living your life and actually enjoying it! I would highy recommend that this course.

Maqx NYC

This course at first listen and glance can seem off the wall but as you go through the materials and think of what is being presented, it truly makes sense and also provides a template for a better life in general. Without spoiling the course, I will hint that the ideas of a universe of plenty, growing the pie and not seeing scarcity everywhere will help you reframe your mind and the world you perceive around you in a way that brings more to you - and to others. Keep an open mind and do go through the entire course. It can change your life for the better.

Ruth Howard

Thank you so much Tom and Angela for your generous gentle Awareness, guiding myself and others through this remarkable process whereby we cultivate awareness of that which unconsciously pulls us away from what we would otherwise choose to be have feel and do! Ive just reached the end of my second cycle attending this course and I intend to continue for the whole experiment! What's occurring now is my marginally increased capacity to start hearing the prerecorded modules on Wattles rich dialogue. Im hearing things I couldn't hear previously, my unconscious mind filtered out, I know the next cycle will bring more Awareness, no doubt marginal leads to exponential at some point. This is such an enthralling process and I encourage everyone here to join the Gplus community and also a Whatsapp chat group to support yourselves in your conscious co creation! This course is totally practical and the new app will escalate implementation via "Tom in Your Pocket" and the rest...Tom and Angela have attracted incredible community to assist you turn toward all that is good that you would choose! And I'm looking forward to their Science of Being Great Course! ps I'm having a great month income wise with ships lining up for the near future and I'm grateful!

D hernand

Though this review comes a bit premature since not all lessons have been released, I feel compelled to say that Tom is one of the most approachable, generous and accessible teachers r​ight now. I love Angela's enthusiasm and combined with their dedication, the 13X4 system, the great community of inspired individuals that forms around this material, along my previous experience with The Science of Getting Rich, I can already anticipate that this course is a true Gem

Kumar Nagasubramanian

This is a very good course and has good content

Rodrigo Arizpe Valadez

I think it is very good, I expected less for a free course, common ideas and knowledge but with a meaningful use

An easy way to find a new and positive direction. Well done presentation. Time well spent.

Ken Rich

Fabulous so far..... It is always best to have a simple, concise explanation..... So far so good :) Dr. Ken

Carlo Parra

This course is awesome! I'm still 80% away from completing the course but I was already loaded with a lot of good stuff. The 13x4 concept is very interesting and insightful. An invaluable resource for teachers and I highly recommend it. I always thought that paid resources are better than free. Well, this course is an exemption. Thank you very much!

Suzanne Maciejowski

I've been reading everything I can get my hands on (for free-->unemployed at the moment) and no one explains the how and why better than Tom. I've been very optimistic anyway but now I deal with the script better. Bless you, Tom! It's all coming together now.

Amgad El-Sakka

This course really changed my life. The instructor was really reasonable and the course simply works.

Linda Jones

Tom and Angela were very engaging. This course is full of so much information and guidance. I highly recommend this course to everyone.

Jai bedi

It tells that its not about people, it is about what you think about. Doing things for larger good is the secret. Everyone can be genius in his own sphere

Randy Hendricks

Wonderful insights. Generous sharing of what each of you have learned. Thank you.

Arkadiy Deliev

A really great course with understandable material and a good instructor. Worth learning from!

Gulnara Emirali

What I like most about the course is that it made me devote some time for myself and think what I could do to be more effective and happy. I really like the theory presented, examples and exercises that helped me to clarify my values, my goals and plans and... every day little steps that could be done with easiness!

Mick Hartley

I Really like the style of the presenters. Very informal and informative. They introduce some very important concepts which are important in developing our connection with and expression of our greatness. In this framework greatness is a place of humility and appreciation so it doesn't set us apart from people it connects us to people. Its a place of quality and equality. Love it! This course will help you focus on what you need to bring out the best in you. Take this course and enjoy the results.

Angela Alale

This course has changed my life. It truly brings me to tears, as I was walking in a complete fog and limbo regarding my life. I am so grateful that my eyes are now open. Bless Richard Wilkins and Tom Cassidy for bringing this course to the masses. As you will see some reviews are extremely positive and some not so much. But I believe if you truly understand the content of this course you will absolutely love it, if not you probably will not like the course. So I'm so glad I got it! Because if you truly get this course it will change your life!


indeed,one can feel he is speaking for the heart.

Daniel Candelario

This course goes over a book written way before our time. However, it only shows that even back then there were people way ahead of their time, in terms of perspective of our time here and way of thinking. This course is not your one-time run and never look at it again type of information. At the end you can join a group on G+ for further knowledge or growth towards applying what was spoken about. Also the course itself has material and ways to apply the methods explained. BUT most importantly it is up to you the individual to stick to it and apply these methods everyday. Otherwise, it will just be another book you read or course you viewed that gets put up on a dusty shelf and your life will continue the way it is with no change.

Shantaya Rao

Thank you for offering this course and making it SO simple to understand! Incredible! It works so simply :)

Barbara G

Many good ideas and the 13x4 really grabbed my attention and worked for me.

Barbara G

Great information! How wonderful the world would be if we all went from ME to WE.

Sharron Myers

This course is amazing! I've always listened to that little voice in my head and it is so liberating to know what it actually is and that there is a way to not follow it. Thanks so much to Tom and Richard for making this course available to everyone. I feel like a new person :-)

Shannon Miller

I educate my two girls outside of the school system. This course is very useful for us. It compliments our current chosen maths programmes very nicely. I love it when passionate people share their skills online. It is very much appreciated, many thanks!!

Chantale Brimais

Opened a whole window of opportunity and point of view that was always there but now I can tap into it with confidence.

Jonathan Taljaard


Mauritz du Toit

An elegant presentation and expansion of an amazing work originally by Wallace D. Wattles presented in an interesting and captivating way. Thank you Tom and Angela for putting this together.

Melissa Wigness

This course has opened me up to so many new ideas. I'm almost sad I didn't know this stuff before but I'm excited about the future.

Robert Delgado

Very inspirational and informative, high valuable contest. I will read on again. over and over.

Russell Cepelak

The content was very informative. It was like finding the HOLY GRAIL. For the most part the production quality was good except for the last 3 Lectures. The sound kept going on and off. The instructor's delivery may have been a bite wordy at points but just be patient, the CONTENT is worth the time. Really enjoyed the class, glad I took it, can't say THANKS enough. Thanks again to Richard and Tom!

Russell Cepelak

The content was complete and thorough. The instructors provided the information and then supplied numerous examples. The class did meet my expectations. I just need to carry thru and apply it. I enjoyed the delivery of the material, in 3min, 8min, 10 min lectures. When I had a little bit of time, I could move forward with the class. Worked for me. Thank you!

Vincent Makhoba

this is simple and just plain makes sense

Manuel Garcia

100% happy with this one.

Rob Chiappetta

This course is incredible, inspiring and incredibly important to master the art of teaching.

Cheryl Tinson

I really enjoyed this course. It covered a lot of the things that I've been learning on my path. I knew these things but I didn't know how to separate myself from the script. I purchased the Ministry of Inspiration 1, to show me how to separate myself from the script. I am not affiliated with any religion but I read the bible often and Psalm 82:6 says "Ye are gods and children of the Most High." We are more than Superhero's we are gods. I just wanted to find out how to access my god powers.

Ali Maouche

yes yes yes Thank you Professor it is powerfull course​

Michael Hill

This is total enlightenment study at its best ;)

Anne Jordan

Refreshing ways to look @ the "Old Grind!" Thanks so much.

Robert Trajkovski

I enjoyed the course and would recommend it. It would be helpful to provide the wheel tool in word document form so that a person can use it for their own 13x4... THANKS

Andrew Lau

A workable solution towards improving our perceived day-to-day challenges in life. Classic thoughts about success and getting rich via the mind are now put into practical application! Thank you so much Tom and Angela for the great sharing...

K.P. Hinkley

What an Excellent course! Anyone able to pick this up should do so!

Brittany O

This is single handedly the best course I have taken on Udemy. I must admit, I was skeptical and unsure whether I would gain anything from this course because I did not know what to expect. However, this course has helped to change my mindset and actions for the better. The course has a high production quality. The instructors are engaging and knowledgeable about the matters discussed. They have a knack for simplifying topics that can potentially have a large impact upon the student. Some of the theories such as, "The Script," absolutely blew my mind considering it is such a basic concept to understand, but has such large impact. Truly a light bulb moment. Another example is the 13x4 method, which I myself have applied to my business. Again, a basic concept that can have tremendous results if given consideration and effort. Clients have made specific comments that let me know the 13x4 method is a key reason why they have decided to do business with me. Additionally, the resources that are offered or suggested throughout this course further support the benefits of what the instructors are saying. For instance, How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger, a protégé of Dale Carnegie, is an amazing book for anyone with a business to read. I would not have known about this book, but for this course. Absolutely fabulous and I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to get focused to accomplish their goals.

Issa Al Issa El Hasani

one of the best Courses seen ever

Niv G

I really like the concept of the sausage machine and the crash course on Quantum physics. It's verye easy for my subconscious to accept science/quantum mechanics

Karsten Brabänder

So much information! I have to watch all the videos again and read again. A fantastic course with magnificent material. I loved it, and will love it! Thank you very much for this vast amount of ideas and creative suggestions!

Seena Khan

I really like the way Tom and Angela have made the topic much more easier and accessible and very easy to understand deeply and learn at the same time. Also provide us with necessary audio and workbooks to enhance what we had just learned. Remarkable work and effort put on to making this, though i agree most of the topics have been heard and reviewed by many , but when it comes to understanding it on a scientific level this is one course that will open your eyes apart from reading other books. Maybe the fact that Tom has offered this course with a personal touch to it and detailing on his own life experiences have helped me better understand. Thank you Tom and Angela for an amazing course with such rich content. I am looking forward to purchase and read your books and other courses.

Angie Walters

Very understandable.

Andrew Warn

Really helped me out while I was doing my GCSE maths. taught in a very easy to understand way

Amanda Wharton

Excellent for an overall view

Aris Villancio

it is good to know something about how you teach and learn other knowledge to someone

Randy Peace

Very good beginning. I liked the 1st algorithm. Choosing.

Antonio Colon

An absolutely incredible series of lectures. Tom Cassidy is a brilliant teacher with a wonderful passion for improving the lives of others. Full of great advice to help you feel prouder of being you, this course is filled with deep insights about yourself, the world around you, and how to find your place apart of it. I can't recommend the course enough. Honestly, my only regret is not taking the course sooner. I truly enjoyed learning and listening and I know every student will feel the same.

Rafleza Abelito

It was a great course.

Robin Scanlon

Love Tom Cassidy's Stuff. This course is brilliant and stuffed with a large volume of great material.

Dain Mathis

best thing ever

Robin Scanlon

Tom Cassidy's courses never disappoint me. Always good, with great ideas to put into practice and solid content.

Richard van Harselaar

Very good explanation of all the topic.

Lucien Bruzzese

The best course ever

Brendan Terry

Very insightful course dealing with motivation and goal setting. They provide the building blocks of a very effective technique for accomplishing goals with the lowest amount of effort. I'm very excited to apply this in my own life!

Grace Kamau

Practical course. It brings concepts in my head and makes them practical, so that one can actually act and make changes.

Brenden McVeigh

Great class, very freeing

Shasta Fox


Simon Wells

This shines a completely different light on the subject of genius.

Antonio Crawford

Great speaker, great thruth.

Rosemarie Brown

the course is great, it gives you way to connect to people and things by coming together. you can get what ever you want done by connecting to a force larger than yourself by using; bc, which is moving from the me to the we.

Shaik Ahmed