Deeper Learning for Smarter People

The CASSIDY Method is a Deep Learning system which generates maximum returns from minimum willpower. It exemplifies doing MORE with LESS and enables people to get remarkable results across a variety of domains.

Tom Cassidy, the originator of the method, has trained more than 100,000 people over the last 20 years, helping them to become better thinkers, better teachers, more effective communicators, happier employees, more effective entrepreneurs and even more sensible eaters.

This is Tom's home page on the Udemy platform where he currently has over 200,000 student enrolments on his programmes

Here are some reviews from Tom's Udemy students

The fundamental approach is to minimise the amount of WILLPOWER people need to follow a programme. This means people have a better chance of sticking to it.

The CASSIDY Method makes it easier for people to become great individuals, great learners and great contributors

It's a method that makes it easier for each individual to develop agency in their own life, to become aware of their potential and to work towards a happy future.

The method focuses on developing characteristics over time: the characteristics of the effective individual, the effective learner, and the effective contributor. These characteristics are not positions, they’re directions. Nothing in life is static and The CASSIDY Method promotes movement in these directions. We call these VECTORS. (Probably because Tom is at heart, a geek.)

The CASSIDY Method Vectors:


Who can use The CASSIDY Method?

1. One of the most notable aspects of the approach is that it is predicated on the robustness of the system rather than the quality of the individual.

2. Each component of the system has been designed to be simple, teachable and effective across a large range of different scenarios.

The system is based on principles but they are implemented in different ways according to the different contexts.

3. It has been used for a wide range of desired outcomes: from senior executives seeking promotion to 4 year olds learning to express themselves in English as a second language.

4. The approach can be customised to the local learning environment, whatever that might be.

5. In 2000 it was used as the core of a framework to teach English to 4-14 year olds in Hong Kong.

6. From 2003-2007 it was used to deliver the entrepreneurship electives for MBA programmes at 2 universities in Hong Kong; Chinese University and City University, Hong Kong.

7. Since 2007 it has been used in UK Academies to raise performance in GCSEs and A Levels.

8. Since 2010 it has been used as a teacher training framework in academy chains across the UK.

9. Since 2012 it's been used as a framework for career development with over 30,000 participants.

10. In 2015 the system began implementation in Cambridge International School in Cambridge, UK.

11. In 2017 the system was implemented in Cambridge Leadership College in Cambridge, UK.

12. In 2018 the system was taken to China and used as the basis for a group of international schools for high school students. The first school is located in Qingdao and opened in August 2019.

The CASSIDY Method Future Skills Practices

The Future Skills Practices are an application of The CASSIDY Method to prepare today’s students for the world that’s coming.